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“The Norman Coalition for Refugee Support is a non-profit organization working to settle and support refugees in Norman, Oklahoma.”

Role and Mission of Coalition.

The primary role and mission of the Coalition in resettling refugees/asylees is to

* Supply items and/or money to meet initial needs;

* Provide safe housing;

* Offer a broad scope of services to assist in physical and cultural adjustment in the    community;

* To act as advocate on behalf of the refugees/asylees who receive services for    which they are eligible.

* When assisting Catholic Charities, designated Coalition members communicate and coordinate with the assigned Catholic Charities case manager for each family.


The Coalition performs or assists in the following activities:

1. Locate decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

2. Assist in finding employment

3. Provide or arrange transportation, as needed.

4. Arrange for suitable furniture and household items.

5. Provide food and/or a food allowance.

6. Furnish appropriate, clean seasonal clothing for work, school, and everyday use. 7. Provide appropriate amounts of pocket money/budget guidance throughout initial stages of resettlement for progressive independent living and diminishing reliance on the Coalition.

8. Assist with seeking needed social services, including educational, health and other needs

9. Assist with cultural adjustment to the community while encouraging retention of and protecting their own cultural identity.

10. Supporting legal services related to refugee or asylee proceedings and other legal services, as determined by the Coalition.

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