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Teams of the

Norman Coalition for Refugee Support

If you are interested in volunteering for any of our teams email here

Executive Committee 
Leadership of the Coalition oversees, plans and implements daily operations under the
general direction of the Board of Directors of the organization. The EC meets regularly to
review resettlement policies and activities, facilitates family-led resettlement, supports
Teams, plans ahead and works closely with the Team Coordinator on Team activities. The EC
consists of the officers of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are representatives
from each Coalition house of worship and members-at-large.

Finance Team 
Oversees finances of the organization by tracking funds and expenses, ensuring expense are
paid and donations are received, writing grant proposals, assisting families in drafting their
budgets, and forecasting financial needs associated with refugee resettlement. The FT meets
monthly and as needed, and provides regular updates to the EC and the Board.

The following Teams report to the Team Coordinator (TC):
 The TC may delegate certain matters to Team Leads or others, as needed. Each team
reports to the TC and provides regular updates to the Executive Committee and Board.
These teams meet regularly and as needed.

Housing Team 
Identifies safe, clean housing for incoming families that meets budget requirements and the
needs of the families, and provides family-led and culturally appropriate furnishings. The HT
initially locates clothing and food items for families. The HT meets regularly and as needed.

Fix-it Team 
Repairs and teaches families how to repair minor housing and property-related issues. The
HT and FIT work together to ensure proper home maintenance.

Family Liaison Team 
Oversees family needs and cultural orientation, builds relationships and ensures measures are
taken for safety and the general resettlement of each family. Family Liaisons are placed in a
cohort of 3-4 other multi-gender liaisons for each family and are the primary point of contact
for the family.

Health Team
Considers health matters of the families, seeks advice from designated medical and dental
professionals, as needed, and makes recommendations to the TC, FL, or other Leadership.

Organizes educational programs and arranges for schooling and language opportunities, such
as school and ESL, for family participation; and coordinates education and language
development efforts with family liaisons and the schedules of their respective families.

Transportation Team 

Organizes transportation for families to attend appointments, shop for food, clothing and
other needs; and makes transportation needs and scheduling known to the organization.

Employment Team 
Develops job and career paths with the families, identifies job history and skillsets, creates
supporting documents, collaborates with each family to build an employable presentation,
and assists families in finding employment.

Legal Team 
Oversees legal issues for the organization and assists legal counsel as they provide
immigration services for families. Additional legal support may be pursued as determined by
the TC, FT, or Leadership.

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